Not securing a Google Ad grant can be an organisational blunder. Do you have yours secured?

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Did you know that Google affords qualifying charities with a grant of up to £7000 a month of free in-kind search advertising? This grant is provided continuously every month, as long as the charity concerned meets the qualifying criteria. The vast majority of charitable organisations are eligible for this grant, yet many do not take advantage of it either because they are unaware it exists or don’t have the time to manage it. 

Google search ads can help boost website traffic, increase conversion rates of site visitors, and other important digital metrics. This can lead to an increased uptake in donations, volunteers, event attendees, the spread of helpful information, and everything else in between via your website. This form of advertising is an extremely useful tool for both digital marketing and increasing charities’ online presence. 

These adverts, exclusively for nonprofits, are run through Google’s Ad Grant programme, and are displayed when someone searches for information associated with a specific charity or provision. Charities may bid on related keywords to better target these searches in order to attract more users who are genuinely interested in their particular charity. 

However, the programme comes with a number of strings attached. Organisations must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to initially receive and continue to receive these grants, which correspond not only to non-profit status, but also online and website qualifications. The ads themselves also have guidelines including bid caps and keyword specifications that need to be properly followed and understood in order to comply with and utilise the service. 

Nonetheless, the ads are unmistakably useful to grow and maintain healthy online traffic, and to not take advantage of Google’s programme may well turn out to be an organisational blunder. Since 2003, Google has awarded over £7 billion in these grants to over 115,000 charities across 51 countries. 

While it is possible for charities to manage these advertisements in-house, it is best left to marketing professionals to properly maximise the use of these funds. In doing so, it would be most advisable to hand over the management of these ads to a responsible advertising agency, so charities can focus on what they are truly best at and care about most, rather than worrying about digital marketing intricacies. 

Spending close to the £7000 a month allotted to each qualifying organisation whilst complying with all of Google’s rules surrounding the grant, requires quite a bit of dedication and effort. 

MCH offers a wide range of comprehensive services surrounding ad grant management to not only optimise the use of the grant but also align other facets of marketing to an organisation’s vision. Grant-specific services include ad grant setup and management, conversions and metrics tracking, and compliance audits. 

Extensive yet still essential services include website review, landing page optimisation, strategic planning, and ongoing support and advice surrounding all marketing areas. 

Such an opportunity to command a greater online presence for a charity deserves only the best team for the job. Only with appropriate marketing aid will an organisation’s spread of helpful information, heightened awareness of their cause, and an influx of donors and volunteers be properly realised online. 

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