A Glimpse into MCH London’s Forward-thinking Work Environment

By February 21, 2024News

By Emilie Tornoe 

In a world where many employees, especially employees from my generation, seek more than just a paycheck when looking for a job, companies are recognising the importance of providing opportunities that align with personal values and a sense of purpose. Having responsible values incorporated into a company’s DNA and general practices are becoming increasingly important, not only to consumers but also to internal stakeholders. 

At MCH, I have been part of a team that has built a brand on responsible principles from the very beginning. As a responsible advertising agency, MCH is not only concerned with responsible aspects such as sustainability and its environmental impact, it also focuses a great deal on its ethical approach to the team’s welfare and wellbeing.

Who, When and Where
Having worked for MCH under different roles for the past 3.5 years I’ve had the opportunity to move around the company.

MCH is my first corporate job, and I have truly enjoyed every stage of my career journey here. I started as an intern, and have since had the opportunity to work my way up in the company, and I am now a part of our senior team working as a Senior Account Executive. I think this has provided me with a well-rounded understanding of, and insights into, how the company’s corporate environment works, and whilst I may be a little biased, it’s my strong belief that the corporate culture here at MCH is well worth shouting about.

In this blog post, I delve into how MCH creates a work environment that resonates with its employees. 

Offering More Than Just a Job
The quote, “don’t just offer your employees a job, offer them an opportunity”, reflects the ethos of MCH. The company wants employees who can truly find meaning and purpose in working with them, going beyond the traditional pursuit of financial gain. To attract and retain these employees, MCH emphasises the importance of providing opportunities for growth and progression within the organisation, and offering development opportunities and a sense of purpose is crucial for engaging and retaining happy and motivated employees.

Career Progression and Professional Development
It is my experience that the management team here at MCH always takes a proactive approach to career progression and professional development for their employees. Regardless of the role, employees experience consistent support from the management team. Regular check-ins focus on aligning tasks with professional interests and career aspirations: mentorship programmes and continuous encouragement for professional growth ensure that we, as employees, have the necessary training and experience to advance our careers.

As a young professional it is truly amazing to have people around you who want to see their employees’ careers succeed, and not only that, but also to go out of their way to help that happen. It has, and continues to be, truly significant for the early stages of my career, and something I look forward to being able to pay back to others later on in my own career. 

Corporate Values
A thing I have always admired about MCH as a company, and something I am very proud to be a part of as an employee, is its corporate values; responsibility, transparency and innovation are all part of what MCH believes is way too rare in this industry, and being able to centre my work around these values everyday contributes positively to my work experience. Even better, is that these values were apparent to me even before I joined the agency as an intern 3.5 years ago. What’s important to the company has stayed the same, but the actions taken to obtain results are constantly evolving, as is the MCH business. 

Communication Styles and Team Collaboration
At MCH, we have an incredible supportive and inclusive team culture. Working remotely, MCH places great importance on efficient communication and team collaboration to ensure we deliver a high level of service to our clients. While digital communication tools like WhatsApp are crucial for relaying information, MCH also emphasises the importance of fostering a sense of community among its team members. We are often in constant communication in the team chat, talking about work-related tasks with the occasional picture of adorable pets or lovely family events, giving a nice sense of the office culture without being in the same room as each other. 

Flexibility and Remote Working
MCH embraces flexible work arrangements via remote working. We have team members both in  and outside of London and even outside the UK. The emphasis is on fitting work around our lives rather than the other way around. Clear communication and planning ensure that remote working enhances flexibility without compromising service quality. We are highly reliant upon self-discipline and clear communication to maintain an excellent level of service, and by having a great team, a sense of purpose in working tasks as well as wonderful clients whom we believe in and whose businesses we want to see succeed, this is easily achieved. 

Hierarchy and Leadership
No matter which role I have had at MCH, it has always been my experience that Mark, Gina and the rest of the management team go above and beyond to ensure that my professional interests and career aspirations reflect my role within the company and the vast majority of tasks for which I am responsible. Consistent check-ins allow me to express what brings joy to my worklife and to get support on any challenges I might be facing with certain tasks. It also allows me to reflect on my overall performance. 

Besides this, there is also an incredible level of transparency of where we stand currently as a company, and where we want to be in the next coming months and years. This not only makes it easier to see your own role within the bigger picture, but it serves as a motivation to ensure you reach your personal goals whilst helping your company reach theirs. 

It is clear to me that MCH’s corporate culture stands as a beacon in the advertising industry, offering more than just jobs – it offers opportunities for growth, purposeful work, and a supportive environment for employees to thrive personally and professionally. Mark and the management team always strive to match a role to an individual’s professional skills thereby reducing the amount of time a person needs to adapt, while still ensuring a high quality product and service for their clients.


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