New York Times’ “On the Runway” – a New Fashion Era

By September 18, 2020News

In the spirit of fashion week, we listened to the New York Times’ first installment of the virtual event “On the Runway”, hosted by Vanessa Friedman’s, chief fashion critic for The New York Times.

Together with a panel consisting of Antoine Arnault, C.E.O of Berluti, Gwyneth Paltrow Founder & Chief Executive Officer at, Off-White, and Louis Vuitton menswear designer Virgil Abloh and designer Tory Burch, Vanessa explored the current and future state of the Fashion industry.

Despite the current situation with Covid-19 and lockdown fashion isn’t dead. Vanessa said, “great crisis has given rise to great creative flowing”. This year Fashion week will not be executed as we have seen in the past. According to the panel, many brands have rethought the whole process and intention of the traditional fashion week and their fashion shows, and some have taken the opportunity to become more personal with their audience and more aware of the roots of their heritage.

The topic of rethinking the process led to a fascinating discussion of sustainability and diversity in the fashion industry. Antonie was pleased that many brands under the LVMH umbrella did not cut in sustainability matters as a consequence of COVID. His message; sustainability is not only a grease of heart but also a market reality, and many brands’ economic futures depend on the positive consequences of sustainability. Tory made the point of saying that the consumers, especially the younger consumers, are increasingly aware of what brands stand for and what they are doing to make the world a better place, this includes sustainability and diversity matters.

The panel agreed that diversity and inclusivity are urgent matters that need to be implemented better into all aspects of the business culture in the Fashion industry, but also that this is a continuous process that does not happen over the course of a few weeks and will need continuous attention and awareness.

You can watch the first instalment of New York Times “On the Runway” here:

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