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Meet Amanda, Bella, and Eve!  – the three graphic design students at Swinburne University, Australia who interned with MCH virtually this summer. 

Why an internship at MCH? 

Gaining industry experience in order to practice and develop their professional skills was a  clear motive for all three when applying for these internships. This, together with  the chance to work within the field of graphic design in the media industry through MCH, was a great opportunity. 

Eve said, “I’m so thankful that I took this opportunity (…) I found it very beneficial to experience the world of design within a different but related field – advertising and marketing –  and would definitely consider it a possible career avenue.” 

The Corporate Culture at MCH 

The corporate culture and work environment at MCH were major pull factors. Amanda, Bella and Eve all experienced being offered challenging and meaningful tasks for real clients with high expectations. These were carried out in a supportive working environment alongside a number of other team members, which allowed them to develop and refine their design skills and knowledge. 

The variation of the tasks also helped identify some weaknesses and areas with room for improvement, whilst  solidifying their strengths and design interests. 

Amanda said, “I knew straight away that MCH was the right fit for me, as their core values really resonated with me and I felt so comfortable talking to Mark [Howarth] and Gina [Walker] that it was a clear choice where I wanted to spend the next six weeks.” 

‘’At MCH, you are made to feel like part of the team from the very first day. Everyone is welcoming and always ready to offer support where needed.’’ 

Bella said, “ MCH is a warm, friendly, and supportive company that will make anyone feel valued and appreciated for their work.

The three have done fantastic work in their time as interns at MCH. They have impressed both the team and our clients with the quality of their work, their determination to get things done well and meet deadlines despite quick turn-around cases, and a significant time-zone difference.” 

Their overall experience 

When asked to describe their overall experiences of the internships, they all agreed that Interning, regardless of whether it’s done through a domestic or international organisation, in-person or virtual, is such a highly valuable experience and allows you to gain an understanding of the industry before you enter it. Amanda explained, “I didn’t realise this until I finished the internship, but my confidence as a designer has improved significantly. I have learned so much, and a lot of that had to do with the trust and confidence that MCH placed in me. We were all treated as capable equals, and working on real-world briefs that we all got to see being used in real life was a great feeling.”

Eve said,“Throughout the internship experience, the MCH team was nothing but kind, friendly and professional. Mark, in particular, was always willing to help, whether it was 7 am BST or 11 pm BST. His sociable demeanour helped me ease into the demands of the internship and made the whole experience enjoyable.” 

We at MCH would like to say a huge thank you to all three of these amazing professionals! It has been a pleasure working with you!



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