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By November 9, 2020News

Why you need to put the customer in charge



We, at MCH, are often found pondering this question “What does the modern consumer look like, how will they behave, what will excite them about brands and how do we ensure the communications plans we create”. And, as marketers, if we weren’t then you might have reason to worry.

In answer to this, one notion is laid out in The Hero Trap, Thomas Kolster’s new book. It suggests that purpose led marketing is a thing of the past (or should be) and that putting the consumer at the centre of the plan, positioned as the hero, rather than the brand, will be the way to go.

In empowering people to make better choices, rather than just shout about how great you are, we’ll build a better world and the brands that truly care about change will win. Well, that’s one school of thought anyway!

In this, our first audio interview piece, we explore what this means, how it might manifest and how you, as a brand marketer, apply this thinking to achieve success.

We hope you enjoy and please tell us what you think!

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