Brand Allies: three things you must do to recruit brand advocates who will sell for you

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Cultivating an emotional bond between brand and consumer lies at the core of amplifying brand visibility. Storytelling is a formidable strategy in this arena, enabling companies to articulate their core values and visions in a manner that touches consumers on a personal level. 

Narratives that reflect common experiences or aspirations allow brands to transcend the mundane, transforming their offerings into embodiments of desired lifestyles or ideologies. This process of humanisation converts mere transactions into meaningful engagements, where products represent shared beliefs and emotional narratives. 

For example, L’Oreal’s 50 year old “Because You’re Worth It” line taps into feminism as much today as it did 50 years ago. The slogan has evolved and retained emotional relevancy even in a changing and evolving social narrative. 

Such deep-rooted emotional connections not only heighten brand awareness but also cultivate a sense of loyalty and advocacy among the customer base. You only need to look at the pre-September buzz before Apple launches the next iPhone, or Nike launches a must-have sneaker, to see loyalty staring you in the face in the form of queues, snaking round the block.

What about advocacy, then? With several studies showing us that product or company reviews are one of the most important factors in purchasing behaviour, how do businesses not only get the initial emotional buy-in, but keep it? 

In my last blog I talked about the bandwagon and admitted my slight shame in jumping on the aperol spritz one… Well, think of advocacy as the next stage: you’ve got them on board, now how do you make them not just stay there, but get others on board with you? 

The result can be, not just a temporary spike in sales, but the establishment of a lasting, positive brand image that resonates through the collective consciousness of its audience. By leveraging the power of emotional connectivity, brands can forge enduring relationships with their consumers, ensuring sustained interest and advocacy in an ever-competitive market.

Without going down the shady MLM path, here are three things that a business should do to recruit brand advocates:

  1. Acknowledge their loyalty and reward it. Make them part of the family!
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. What should they be telling your new customers? What do they think you could do better? “93% of customers expect a brand to reply to them in 24 hours”; can you make it 4?
  3. Innovate, innovate a little more, and then innovate again. Even those brands that look the same as always – Levi’s, Heinz, Twinings – have all innovated to give a nod to trends and tastes. Loyal customers have bought your purpose, not just your product; invite them into the process and your products will evolve with them. 

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