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Working alongside team MCH has been highly educational and rewarding, a true experience from within the world of marketing. With an approach built upon trust and belief, one is thrown in at the deep end from the word go. Using your intuition is strongly encouraged at MCH, although that is not to disregard the support and advice that is offered along the way. Through the use of multiple platforms, members of the team can be contacted at any point – a method particularly tried and tested over previous months. Whenever in doubt about the direction you were taking, the team were always happy to have a quick check over and provide feedback. 

The meetings over Zoom have provided a somewhat unique internship experience yet in many ways more rewarding. Getting to know the team in this manner was great and collaborating on a project was both exciting and informative. For instance, the task was to develop a handbook with the aim of educating potential clients about Supply Chain Transparency and Paid Social. As someone without any previous knowledge on either subject, it was a task that required a considerable amount of research in order to build a foundation. From there, acquiring a sense of the right tone and clear communication were key –  something of a challenge on how to effectively distill language in order to convey a meaningful message!

As an intern you are presented with a number of tasks that vary depending on the client and your interests – it is very much a programme that looks to give something back as well as to benefit from your contributions. For me, this was an increased understanding about the marketing industry and ‘how it all works’ to put it crudely. MCH adhered to this and spent time with me, providing a valuable insight into the industry and sparking my interest. 

The values of MCH, as a responsible advertising agency, are evident in all the work they do.  In their office policy and dealings with clients, responsibility and quality are equally to the fore. The pioneering spirit of MCH is clearly seen in the array of their clients from charities, sporting events and luxury brands, such as Power2Inspire, the Varsity Match and Laurent Perrier to name but a few. Another aspect of my experience which I found insightful was MCH’s valued partnership with Beacon and Fenestra, two tech companies whose combined ethos is fundamental to a responsible advertising agency. Bringing the experts into the mix really shows that MCH is committed to providing quality of service and a product that is subsequently a cut above the rest. 

It is certainly a team effort with each member equally enthusiastic about a common cause. I have particularly enjoyed working with Gina Walker, Nicole Revers and Ginny McLean all of whom have been very welcoming and have taught me a great deal. Anyone who joins MCH will certainly be in safe hands: they will be challenged yet greatly rewarded as they learn along the way. Thank you to team MCH, it has been wonderful. 


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